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G is for Golem

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Here’s another monster for the book:

This piece’s color scheme is very Crockett Johnson to me. Reb Harold must have sculpted this guy from his magic purple clay!

Anyway, I’m pretty proud of this golem and the little details I incorporated into this drawing. For instance, the rightmost silhouette is modeled on Prague’s Old New Synagogue, where a legendary Golem was said to have been made. Some say he rests there still, hidden in the temple’s attic!

In an earlier version of this piece, the Golem had a little rabbi accompanying him. I really liked the rabbi, but the picture, already a little busy, just felt too crowded with him there. Maybe I’ll post an alternate version later though, see if y’all agree.


More Monsters

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Last year I set out to do an alphabet book with a cryptozoological theme (“A is for Alien,” “B is for Bigfoot,” etc.). Not surprisingly, I never finished it. I’m thinking about revisiting it, though, as something to bring to conventions. At the very least, I think I’m going to redraw some of my favorite pages (and also some of the ones I am least proud of). Here is one of those redrawn pages:


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A couple of days ago a friend of mine called me about an exciting potential project. She told me that The Charlotte Arts Catalyst was putting together a monster-themed coloring book to promote local artists and raise funds for a future space. This sounded like my kind of project, so, even though I only had two days until the submission deadline, I managed to get something in. Wish me luck. If my piece is included in the book, it (or related work) will also be included in a group show in September. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, here is my piece, “Just a Matter of Context,” as it would appear if selected:

And here it is colored in (I couldn’t resist):

Super Hero Sunday

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Check it out:

The Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte is using my  super hero character as a spokesmensch in their “Super Hero Sunday” fundraising campaign! Someone told me today that you can see him all around the Charlotte JCC, so I went over this evening to take a look.

Here’s a picture of the proud papa. I love the way we color coordinate, Der Mensch and I.