G is for Golem

Here’s another monster for the book:

This piece’s color scheme is very Crockett Johnson to me. Reb Harold must have sculpted this guy from his magic purple clay!

Anyway, I’m pretty proud of this golem and the little details I incorporated into this drawing. For instance, the rightmost silhouette is modeled on Prague’s Old New Synagogue, where a legendary Golem was said to have been made. Some say he rests there still, hidden in the temple’s attic!

In an earlier version of this piece, the Golem had a little rabbi accompanying him. I really liked the rabbi, but the picture, already a little busy, just felt too crowded with him there. Maybe I’ll post an alternate version later though, see if y’all agree.


2 Responses to “G is for Golem”

  1. I like that you have “emet” on his forehead. You did your homework, sir. But do you know how the word was used to kill the golem?

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