H is for Humanzee

Finally. This picture took forever to draw, but I think it was worthwhile. The Persian rug and the paisley were, particularly, labors of love. I’m all about patterns lately.

I realize that the Dybbuk was a little esoteric, and I assume that the Humanzee is not necessarily the most well known cryptid out there either. In case you’re unacquainted with the Humanzee, here’s a little primer on the primate pictured here:


For those who read the article, I’ve always thought that the Ivanov experiments would be great to build a comic around. The Count Gulielmus story is a pretty good one too, if that’s your kind of thing.


One Response to “H is for Humanzee”

  1. I love the pictures of older relatives in the back. Also, awesome color scheme.

    I couldn’t find the “H is for Humanzee” for a while – color got lost, but besides that I this is my favorite letter page yet.

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