As you can see, I’ve decided to take my ID system in an entirely different direction. I’m working on a cabinet of curiosities theme, with a bunch of little, single-color creatures floating in jars on the backs of all my business cards. I’ll even round the corners on the bottoms of the cards to make them more jar like. This motif lets me do more of what I do best, play with color and draw bizarre beasts.

Another fun facet of this theme is that I can do a “Collect them all!” kind of thing with the monsters, creating a set of several and carrying different cards to different shows etc. Maybe I’ll even print different quantities of each monster, making some specimens rarer than others. I love stuff like that.

These first two designs are of the Reticulated Rock-Eater (green) and the Gleeper (purple). Ideally, the Gleeper would have a glowing orb suspended from his head, a la Angler Fish. I like to imagine that this lanky cave-dweller uses the light to lure moths right in front of his maw and then snaps them up with his long tongue. Unfortunately, the bit of bioluminescence did not fit prettily in the jar.

As I generate more designs, I’ll be sure to post them.


3 Responses to “Kunstkammer”

  1. Yeah, I am so going to need a set of these. These are fantastic.

  2. Ben Glickstein Says:

    Paul, big ups to this new design. “Soviet Kitsch” has its place, but I think it is a bit played, especially in graphic-design situations like business cards. These guys are a great idea. Maybe when someone asks for your card, you should actually take out an old wooden trunk with them arranged inside, or have them dangling in rows from within the breast of your coat, like a true road show of curiosities.

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