Thesis Preview

I’ve just finished a handful of pages (5) that could very well grow into my thesis project for this year. There are other stories that I’m working on (including a second installment of “The Mockingbird,” but this one is the likeliest candidate for further development.

Without giving too much away, the story (untitled, as yet) is about a small Southern town and a high-stakes hoax that spirals out of control. It takes me out of my comfort zone a little bit, as it’s set very much in the real world and is pretty plot- and character-driven. I won’t get to draw any giant naked presidents, Venusian Plant People, or cryptids of any kind. I’ll really have to bear down and work on dialogue, backgrounds, and facial expressions, none of which are my strong suit. If I stick with this project, though, I’ll probably grow a lot over the course of the year. It’s not the most fun thing to draw, but it’s a story that I’m pretty proud of and that I do want to tell, so we’ll see.

One last note: The pages that I’m going to feature here are part of a pivotal scene in the story which, though it comes early in the book, is not the first scene. These are pages 20-25 or so, not 1-5, so some things will not make sense.

Anyway, here’s the first page:


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