Comics Boom

If anybody happens to be in Keene, New Hampshire tomorrow, consider coming by Comic Boom, where Ben, Carl, Max, Lena, and I (and several other CCSers too) will be selling our wares. The store has generously lent us some of their space, so from noon to four we’ll be tabling in, appropriately enough, their tabletop gaming section. It’ll be like a tiny Keene con — KIX, if you will.

I’ll be bringing issues of The Mockingbird, stickers, and some monster prints (including the brand new “M is for Mothman” and a revised version of “V is for Vampire”). Also, our illustrious instructor Steve Bissette will be there doing zombie caricatures. I heartily recommend zombification. If you’re in the market for a grisly reminder of your own mortality, you’ll find no better artifact than one of his drawings!

Anyway, here are the details:

And here is that vampire drawing, which I’ve reworked to match my other monster pieces:

Well, I’m off to print and assemble. Wish me luck tomorrow. And, if you happen to be in New England, come to Keene for Halloween!


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