P is for Poltergeist

Man, I have even less to say about Poltergeists than I do about Mermaids. I chose the poltergeist, mostly, because of the great design possibilities it offered, not because I am particularly interested in it as a monster/phenomenon. I’m pretty proud of this piece, though. I really like the selective use of color and the whole CMYK thing, even though it makes no sense. CMYK is really just a print thing, I think. TVs use something else. So, in reality, the TV test pattern wouldn’t look like this, but it also wouldn’t have ghosts coming out of it, so who cares.


2 Responses to “P is for Poltergeist”

  1. This is great! The look of the poltergeists remind me of the ghosts in that old Donald Duck cartoon in which Witch Hazel turns Donald’s feet blue with magic.

    Not to mention the ridiculously fun use of color here…

  2. awesome work, brah! The interplay of the colors really makes this.

    P.S.: TVs use RGB color–as do computer monitors. So really, you’ve been working in an RGB approximation of CMYK the whole time! It’s a Flash Fact.

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