The Bird is Back!

This page is not quite finished. You can expect the final to include some minimal backgrounds (maybe just some texture to situate the characters against walls or something) and make use of a different font. Still, I wanted put this page up to show that, in addition to the monster alphabet and the UFO story, I am hoping to finish the second “Mockingbird” book by the end of the school year. Collectively, these projects are going to comprise my Master’s thesis. …It’s a weird world we live in.

I hadn’t realize how much I’d missed working with Irving Fleischman and the whole “Mockingbird” universe until I had to draw him for this poster, advertising my thesis project(s) for the year:

Now, after months of warily circling the pool, I’m diving back into the “Mockingbird.” It feels great. To mix metaphors a little bit (but still stay in the water) it’s kind of the warm bath of my thesis books, the comfortable one, the relaxing one, the one to unwind with at the end of the day.

Still, as comfortable as the “Mockingbird is for me to work on, I’m shaking it up quite a bit. I’m using my new “no black lines” (I really need a name for that) style in all my thesis books, but, in “The Mockingbird” I’ve dispensed with lines (of any color) almost completely. The world of the Irving Fleischman is one of pure shape and color.

I like this new style, it gives the project the look of having been made with cut paper. On the downside though, it’s just one more thing slowing down my already glacial process. Also, it’s a pretty stark stylistic departure from book one. In any case, I’ll be sticking with it for now and will be posting more pages as I finish them.


One Response to “The Bird is Back!”

  1. I’m repeating my request for posters/prints/stickers/whatever of panel 3. It’s totally my favorite!

    Also, the new style looks awesome, but I do miss your handwriting font. I think it’s probably because you used it in the first issue, so I sort of associate it with Irving now…

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