Big, Big Day at the J

Not since Tobias Israel Swartz beat the Baltimore pavement peddling rags has a Swartz schlepped his pack of wares to a Jewish market. Well, tomorrow I will be selling my art (by proxy) at the Charlotte Jewish Community Center’s Levine JCC Marketplace. The event, I guess, is like a Hanukkah bazaar, with people selling arts, crafts, Judaica and so on.  It’s all part of a larger event called the Big, Big Day at the J.

Unfortunately, I won’t be there personally to man the table (I’ll still be up in Vermont), but my parents have kindly stepped in to do the selling. Still, you should come out and buy some prints/posters/stickers etc. And who doesn’t want to come say “Hello” to the Swartzes? I know they’d love to see you!

So, come out to the J on Sunday, December 5th, between 10 and 3 to buy some art and meet the folks!


One Response to “Big, Big Day at the J”

  1. These are GREAT!! Wish I could be there!

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