More Mockingbird

Here’s the second page of my new “Mockingbird” book. These colors are a lot closer to what will be appearing in the print version. The page I posted last week looked a little garish, as the CMYK color read weirdly online. I’ve skirted that problem by creating RGB versions of my pages to post here. I’ve even gone back and replaced last week’s page with an RGB update.

The text in this page (and last week’s now) is crisper too, as I went ahead and laid that in with InDesign. I’m still not sure what font I’m going to use for this project, though. I like the one I’ve been using so far, but it has its drawbacks. for instance, it has no capitol “I.” If you look closely, the gangsters’ mark is actually Adam Wentworth 111, the cutting edge, perhaps, in Electro-heirs.

I’m pretty pleased with how these pages are looking so far. They’re a little spare, and heavy on the talking heads, but I’m mostly enjoying the simple style and the designs I’ve come up with. Someday, though, I’m going to have to learn to use Illustrator. This stuff just takes forever to do in Photoshop.

As much as I love putting these pages up,  I realize that if I want to serialize this story properly later, I’ll need to hold something back now. Maybe I should just start blacking out the words, a la redacted FBI memos. I’ll keep posting pages, but I might revoke you guys’ story clearance until I’m ready to release the full issue.


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