Rogues Gallery

I don’t usually do caricature work, but, pursuing a possible job for a national magazine, I gave it my best shot. By the time I sent off these drawings, though, they’d already gotten someone else for the gig. Not wanting to waste the drawings, I thought I’d submit them to you. Hopefully you can at least kind of tell who they are. If you can’t, though, they’re supposed to be Sarah Palin and Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell.

She came out a lot better than he did, I think. I like what I did with the color and shape of her glasses especially. By contrast, McConnell’s eyes and glasses are a bit confusing and overly complicated. I should have gone for something simpler, more iconographic. Also, he’s a little pale (not untrue to life, but not great design either. He kind of fades into the background). In the end, though, I’m pretty proud of these. They’re some of the first caricatures I’ve ever done and are definitely my first attempts at McConnell and Palin.


3 Responses to “Rogues Gallery”

  1. Definitely something you should consider pursuing in the future! You’ve got a great sense of how to break down facial features and a distinctive style that I think magazines and news sites would love.

  2. Haha! Is that image of McConnell inspired by the photo from The Atlantic this month? I totally recognized him!

    • I’m not sure what image I used, but I did read that article, so it’s possible. I’m so glad you recognized him! I really struggled with that drawing. I’m not used to doing caricatures. Also, it was tough measuring out the exact proportions of owl, salamander, and human (in that order) that go into that face.

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