Y is for Yeti

This page might be my favorite so far. I like the color scheme and think that it, taken with the mountain scenery, suggest an old Art Deco travel poster. I’ve always loved those.

I’m also pretty proud of my mountaineer. If you scrutinize the climber, though, you’ll see that his pose is a little weird. To dress him, I looked at photos of Sir Edmund Hillary and tried to copy his clothes and gear. Surprisingly, he wasn’t wearing a hat. That seems pretty crazy to me, but it was easier to not draw a hat than draw one, so he stays bareheaded. The wind-blown hair is more dramatic anyway.


4 Responses to “Y is for Yeti”

  1. ahhh, i love your climber dude.

  2. This may be my favorite as well! I also like the way it references the climber/ bearded mystic trope: is that dude hoping to ask questions to the Yeti? Does the Yeti talk? Maybe his wisdom is beyond words, or maybe he’s just an angry snow-gorilla?

    I also really like your playing with the art-deco travel poster idea, and I can see it at work. My familiarity with the form comes from the Bay Area national parks’ ever present marketing using these stylized posters by a modern artist: http://www.michaelschwab.com/posters/post_pk03.html
    maybe there’s a future project out there for you drawing travel posters in this vein, but to cryptid hideouts like Loch Ness.

    PS I want a t-shirt of this one or maybe the Quetzalcoatl. Any plans for that?

    • Thanks, Ben. I was hoping people would pick up on the Yeti/yogi thing.

      Shirts would be cool someday. Nothing’s in the works yet, but thanks for your encouragement. In that vein, though, I’ll be selling some little plastic charms/keychains of a few of my designs at an upcoming convention in New York. I’ll be selling any leftovers here on the blog. I’ll probably do a poll with a bunch of contenders and then actually get the top four designs made. If that interests you I’ll keep you posted.

  3. The yeti is actually black or dark brown. There have been no reports of white yetis. There are a few reports of white bigfoot in North America but not with the Asian yeti. Any chance of re-colouring him?

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