F is for Fairy

I’m getting down to the cryptozoological dregs here — all the monsters that I’m not that into or don’t have a good concept for. Still, I think I managed to come up with a pretty decent conceit here. Hopefully the whole butterflies-in-a-specimen-box thing is reading clearly. I also hope the fake Latin is clear (or so impenetrable that no one can even tell what I sought and failed to do with it). I wanted the name plates to basically say “Tooth Fairy” and “Barrie’s Fairy” (Barrie’s the author of Peter Pan). I don’t really know anything about Latin or binomial nomenclature, though, and it was really hard to learn about either thing at 4 am, on the internet, while listening to Marc Maron.  If there are any Classics majors out there willing to help a fellow unemployable out, I’d love to know how those plates should read.

So anyway, I’m decently pleased with the concept for this picture, but the composition is a little boring. Also, the values seem kind of homogeneous. A lot of the elements seem pale and liable to melt into each other. This may be the first time that my new no-outlines style may have actually ended up seeming less appropriate to me than a more conventional one.

With this drawing, I have officially entered the final four! Only B, E, N, and Z remain to be drawn. Also, time permitting, I’m going to redesign “A is for Alien” and “C is for Chupacabras” (I’ve already made smaller-scale corrections to most of the other pages). Then it’s onto a flurry of writing and production. Hopefully I’ll have these books available for sale in April!


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