Space Balls-the T-shirt, Space Balls the Coloring Book…

I’ve always thought that I could design some great toys. I think my characters would translate really well into plastic and the world of three dimensions. Someday I’ll have to learn to make toys, but, until then, I’ll take what I can get as far as merchandising opportunities go. Recently, I was clued in to a pretty good one.  I’m very excited to tell you that I’m going to be making up a batch of plastic keychains depicting my characters! Thanks to the folks at Printsess, I’ll be able to sell two inch acrylic keychains/charms at MoCCA this year.

I’m not sure which characters make for the best, most salable keychains, but I bet you are! Below are 11 designs. Check them out and then vote for your favorite in the poll at the bottom of the page. I’ll probably end up printing the top four vote-getters, barring a a blowout. If you have the time and the inclination, leave a comment ranking the designs (at least your top four) and telling me if you would be interested in buying some keychains yourself. Whatever stock I have left over after MoCCA I’ll sell here on the website, off a yet-unlaunched store page, perhaps. If I see a great demand, though, I’ll take orders and print keychains specifically for sale here. If you’re interested, they’ll probably run about $5 each. I’m thinking of starting off with a 50 piece order for the con, but that could change.

So vote, and vote now! I’ve got to get this order in soon, so I’ll probably only let the poll run through Tuesday or so. And if your going to do my poll, why not do Lena’s too? She’s doing the same thing over at her blog and would appreciate some input.

Anyway, without further ado, here they are: Your lovely contestants:

1) Alien

2) Axolotl

3) Bat4) Dragon

5) El Diablo

6) Golem

7) Humanzee

8) Lounge Lizard9) Nessie

10) Quetzalcoatl11) Slot Bot


3 Responses to “Space Balls-the T-shirt, Space Balls the Coloring Book…”

  1. El Diablo is my favorite, but I also really dig Quetzalcoatl, the dragon, and nessie.

    • Dad (yours) Says:

      My favorite is also El Diablo but it doesn’t look like it will come out as well as it should. Same with the Dragon, which I think I still voted for! You can’t go wrong with the Alien or the Lounge Lizard and try as I might, I couldn’t vote against Nessie. If I had a 5th vote, it would be for Quetzalcoatl.

  2. Fuck yeah, rankin:

    1. Humanzee is the best. I’m not going to deny it that honor just because it makes too much sense. I like it.

    2. Golem. Just in terms of keychain, this is a perfect size and funny enough to look at. Definitely awesome.

    3. Axolotl. I like that it looks like a fetus and people may assume some weird pr-life/pro-choice stance because of your keychain.

    4.Lounge Lizard. Pun. Good size.

    5. Quetzalcoatl. Colorful which is fun, but maybe too so. Good shape though.

    6. Nessie. Sort of the anti-Quetzalcoatl. Great subtle colors, but weird shape for a keychain. The neck would fall off.

    7. El Diablo. Feels classic in the good sense and the bad. The good outweigh the bad.

    8. Bat. I think I could get into that shape of keychain.

    9. Dragon. I just think it would be bulky. But the drawing is fun. I really like it.

    10. Robot. This would actually probably be liked a lot, just think it’s like Humanzee light, and if you have Humanzee it’s not necessary.

    11. Alien. I love the drawing in every context, but I feel like there might be a “they’re out there” message to carrying it next to your door-opening devices.

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