New Work in New York

Lena and I have been Brooklyn-based for a couple of months now and were, a few weeks ago, thrilled to present the first installment of the new and improved Drawn Out Storytelling. The show, which was performed at the Brooklyn Lyceum, went smoothly; so much more smoothly, at least, than our earlier efforts this summer. It’s always an honor to work with the multi-talented people who comprise the Drawn  Out community. For this show in particular, it was so exciting and gratifying  to work with storytellers Aaron Wolfe and Naomi Azar, whose work we’ve heard and enjoyed on This American Life and the The Story Collider.

Below are some of the slides that Lena and I illustrated for Aaron and Naomi’s story. I don’t imagine you’ll be able to divine the full story from these images (though, hopefully, you’ll be able quench your curiosity if/when the story appears on our video podcast). In brief, it’s a tale of relationships, growing together, and building a shared life (also breaking up for seven years). It also features America’s first four-wheeler, a post coital jaunt to Burger King, and a high stakes chess match.

The drawings of Aaron are mine (the thick purple arm hair is a stylistic trademark of mine and not an astutely observed feature of his. Aaron is not freakishly hirsute.) and the drawings of Naomi are Lena’s. Most of the backgrounds are hers too, but I drew Katz’s deli, the garage, and the chess board. Roughly, the idea was that Naomi’s “turf” was orange and Aaron’s purple and, as they created a shared life together, they became multi-hued rather than monochromatic. In the story, which involved the recycling of a lot of similar but slightly altered slides, the theme of the slow development of a common existence was clearer than it will be here, where I’ve collected an incomplete and out-of-context group of slides.

Anyway, this has been a really fun project to work on and we really appreciate all the support it’s been getting. We’ll be having another show next month (I’m not sure when/where, but I’ll let you know when I do) and we’d love to see you there!

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