Ivan the Not So Bad Once You Really Get To Know Him

Here’s the next offering from the “Russia In A Bag” series I’ve been working on. I originally conceived of this one as a drawing of Ivan the Terrible, but, as a belated bout of Googling just revealed, it really isn’t. The actual Ivan, if the pictures are to be believed, had a much bushier beard and eyebrows than I drew. Anyway, the good news here is that, seeing as this is some kind of off-brand (and therefore not so monstrous?) Ivan, he’s less likely to gouge my eyes out to prevent me drawing any other tsars.

I’m pretty proud of this picture, but I really hate his hands, especially the one on his chest. It just blends in way too well. I also wish the purple popped more against the black. I tried using a brighter shade, but it was a little loud, and it tended to reduce the image’s contrasts too much. This version is kind of the (still underwhelming) best of all possible worlds.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this one, as I’ve got another hirsute avatar of Russian masculinity all ready for you next week!

Until then, enjoy this poor approximation:

If you ever make it to the Museum of Russian Costumes in Rostov Veliky, do avail yourself of the opportunity to “Try on clothers and make the picture.”


One Response to “Ivan the Not So Bad Once You Really Get To Know Him”

  1. That picture of you is amazing. I just want you to know that.

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