Heads of State

States for heads. That’s the idea here. Hence, “Heads of State.” Anybody who knows me knows that I love geography and character design. Hopefully this will be a fun combination of both. I plan on updating this thread every Tuesday and Thursday, to give you something to enjoy on Mockingbird-free days.

Unfortunately, not every state makes for a great face, so not every state will be represented. Colorado or Wyoming, for instance, might not make the cut. Certainly not both of them. Rectangles are tough. So are the non-continentals, Hawaii and Alaska. And man, Idaho!? So all in all, this series will probably amount to 20 or so states, not 50. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy it.

1) Alabama

2) Arkansas

3) Connecticut

4) Delaware

5) Florida

6) Georgia

7) Illinois


9 Responses to “Heads of State”

  1. nathan welling Says:

    hey i saw this on your facebook thing. do north carolina!

  2. nathan welling Says:

    uh, please, hahah

  3. I demand all 50!!!!

    And Wyoming and Colorado are not the same. Wyoming is 280 by 360 is 380 by 280. They are pretty much opposites.

  4. I love Florida!

  5. I love these, they’re brilliant!

    I’ve seen North Carolina, Nathan. It’s pretty cool.

  6. love the georgia belle!
    keep up the great work, paul!
    :) SB

  7. how do you buy stickers

  8. Wow dude, these are super neato!

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