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J is for Jersey Devil

Posted in Center for Cartoon Studies, Cryptozoology, Monster Alphabet, Monsters, Thesis with tags , , , , , , , , on December 26, 2010 by Paul Swartz

Lucky number 13!

This is the halfway point, people. “Meet the Monsters: The Quirks of Creatures A-Z” is 50% finished. My other books are a little behind schedule, but I’m so glad to have one that’s moving along briskly.

Once these monster drawings are all done, I’ll have to re-post them along with their corresponding text. In the final version of the book, each monster will come with a little, all-too-human biography that explores their neuroses, obsessions, fears, etc. It’s funny stuff, if I do say so myself, so stand by for that.

Over all, I really like this page. There are some things about it that bother me — the angle of the falling hat, the asymmetry of the text, my inability to get a couple more trees in there along the horizon — but mostly, I think it’s pretty sharp. It’s a good piece on which to end the first half of the book — a high note! It’s left me feeling rejuvenated, excited to get on with the other half!