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Ivan the Not So Bad Once You Really Get To Know Him

Posted in Russia In a Bag with tags , , , , , , , , on October 6, 2012 by Paul Swartz

Here’s the next offering from the “Russia In A Bag” series I’ve been working on. I originally conceived of this one as a drawing of Ivan the Terrible, but, as a belated bout of Googling just revealed, it really isn’t. The actual Ivan, if the pictures are to be believed, had a much bushier beard and eyebrows than I drew. Anyway, the good news here is that, seeing as this is some kind of off-brand (and therefore not so monstrous?) Ivan, he’s less likely to gouge my eyes out to prevent me drawing any other tsars.

I’m pretty proud of this picture, but I really hate his hands, especially the one on his chest. It just blends in way too well. I also wish the purple popped more against the black. I tried using a brighter shade, but it was a little loud, and it tended to reduce the image’s contrasts too much. This version is kind of the (still underwhelming) best of all possible worlds.

Anyway, I hope you guys like this one, as I’ve got another hirsute avatar of Russian masculinity all ready for you next week!

Until then, enjoy this poor approximation:

If you ever make it to the Museum of Russian Costumes in Rostov Veliky, do avail yourself of the opportunity to “Try on clothers and make the picture.”